Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions

If you like the style of any of the albums on this website and like to schedule a photo session with you or your kids as models, just let me know. The following are samples of pre-established photo sessions ideas. Some of the album's styles could be combined in a single photo session. The sessions could be indoor or outdoor, depending on the needs. They might also happen in a specific location, my own home studio or else. Price might vary depending on all these facts, but the basic rate is $100.00 for the session and $20.00 for final digital files (per file/photo). The maximum print size of the files is 34.4 x 22.93 inches at 240 pixels per inch. That is a really large print! Below there are few examples of possible photo sessions ideas.

This one comes from the “Bubble and Gels” album. There are “composite photos” , meaning that the final image is made up of more than a singular photo (in this case, they are made of a combination of two photos). The bubbles are photos I took with a macro lens. Those colorful bubbles are oil drops floating on water, and the color comes from photographic gels that are attached to the flash. There are millions of possible combinations that could be achieved by juxtaposing the figure (model) over these oil and water backgrounds. The model needs to be lit with the same color gels as the bubbles. ​​​​​​​

This sample comes from the “Light Paintings” album. These photos are done with some DUY light tubes and are long exposures shots of about two to four seconds. The room have to be dark! No ambient light! This is a studio (indoor) shot. Is usually done in combination with one flash. 
his dreamed-like atmosphere is entirely done in studio (this one was done in my living room!) The shadows or silhouettes  you see in the background are just plants and foliage I collected from my backyard and from potted plants we have in the house. Multiple flashes are used to achieve this atmosphere. 
This example is a straight forward photo shoot, with a black (or white, grey, etc) backdrop and two or three lights. The final images might be color, black and white or any other color scheme. The key thing is the simplicity of the compositions and the ambience. 
This is exactly the opposite of the previous example. This is a very atmospheric ambience trying to imitate a look; to resemble an exotic location. The possibilities are unlimited. But you need lots of props for this! In this self portrait I was trying to create the illusion that I was in some bucolic “french cafe”. The incense did add a lot of drama to the scene! 


Another straightforward photo composition with the use of pleasant colorful backgrounds and white or colored lights (gels). Some nice costumes and few props (flowers and a straw hat in this case) would do the job. 

This is an outdoor photo, capturing the beauty of a sunset as the background for the portrait. The use of the photo flash makes the subject pop, and gives some sense of theatricality to the scene. ​​​​​​​

This is an example using gels and gobos to create an intimate ambience. ​​​​​​​

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