Buddha Haiku

I am my own 
If I could climb 
I could see so far.

Poem by Addison Goodson

Photo session with Addison Goodson. The first time I saw Addison was on a vigil for a black young man that had been killed by the police in another State. I attended this vigil and took photos, some of which were later published in the local newspaper. Addison stood up that night to read one of his poems and to speak. One of the photos I took of him was published on the paper, but I didn’t meet him in person until months later.
I envisioned this house/prison cell like scenery in which the subject would be simply setting or standing like just waiting for nothing to happen. I wanted to have a multi-layered scenery through which the subject would be photographed. This is one scene seen from different angles. There’s no action per se. 
I had the fortune to have met Addison Goodson, who has a great presence, and my only request  to him was to wear a very simple outfit. I gave him a drift wood shaped like a walking cane and asked him to have a seat. Then I just explored every possible angle with the camera. 
The title for this album comes from Addison’s poem.
August 3, 2022.

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